Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

fb marketingPublishing social media gives you lots of flexibility and we can integrate it into your existing site.

Blogs are tools that many people use to share their opinions but you can take advantage of them to provide more information about your products or services and thereby promote your business. With an effective blog, you will get new customers and maintain the existing ones by giving them regular updates.

  • We give you a blog design that maintains consistency with your existing brand and Web design.
  • You will have the power to moderate the comments on your blog posts.
  • Social channels are moving your customer’s attention away from mainstream media. Your customers don’t watch TV when they’re in a Starbucks queue, they check Facebook/Instagram Twitter feed and then MAYBE emails. This shift in consumer behaviour has fundamentally changed what marketers need to do in order to ensure brand relevance. In order to earn attention brands need to evolve into Entertainment Platforms.

    In traditional marketing we identify a business message we need to communicate, identify consumer insights and produce an ad campaign. Essentially these campaigns are a business message in an engaging wrapper. For brands to successfully become Entertainment Platforms their approach needs to change.

    We need to stop asking ourselves “how do we get cut-through” and begin asking, “why will they care and why will they share”.

    Being an Entertainment Platform ensures your relevance in your customer’s lives. It turns a brand into a friend and brings your most powerful media channel – loyal fans within an arms length. The ongoing value you provide in the form of entertainment is reciprocated in product sales, Gary Vaynerchuk documented this well in his book, The Thank You Economy.

    In order to evolve your brand into an Entertainment Platform we recommend you go through the following process:

    • Tone of Voice: Evolve you tone of voice guidelines for the digital medium. Ensure your tone comes across like a person speaking. For an excellent example of a thorough digital tone of voice see VoiceAndTone for a brilliant example of this.
    • Skills Assessment: At a minimum there are two specialists you’ll require to successfully develop an Entertainment Platform: Content Producer and a Community Manager.
    • Process Development: You’re essentially developing an editorial function within your business; it’s critical that your processes enable you to publish quality content often while minimising legal risk. Your processes will need to include Governance, legal approvals and how your entertainment function works with other business divisions – they’ll need especially close relationships with marketing and sponsorship.
    • Content Plan: At this stage you should have all of the components for putting together your content plan. Structure content sources, ideas into a release schedule timeline. Some examples of content include:
      • Branded content: Unique content that aligns with your customer’s lifestyle. Example: French Connection’s Video Commerce Store.
      • Sponsorship: If you’re a larger brand with existing sponsorship deals look to leverage these to create unique content. Example: Red Bull Kicking Ass.
      • Customers: Especially good for B2B companies. Look to interview existing customers on their business and how they use you. Ensure content is focussed more on educating other customers on their business rather than a straight testimonial. Example: NAB’s Small Business Tour.
      • Curation: To supplement larger content production look to share other content that’s relevant to your audience. Example: IKEA’s Pinterest Board.
    • Execute & Engage: The on-going management of your Entertainment Platform involves producing/publishing content, engaging with your community and engaging in conversions in related communities.

    If you want to evaluate whether Entertainment Platforms are right for your business ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do your customers have clear lifestyle aspirations that align with your brand/your brand values?
    • Is the brand active with sponsorships, CSR or other community programs?
    • What content can you produce that reaffirms your values and (more importantly) is interesting/valuable to your customers?


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